April drools

Boy are we stoked to go on air tonight! The April’16 show is approachin‘ and it’s a good one you guys!

We’ve got the lovely peeps from Sapori d’Italia for you, el presidente of ESN Rijeka and his VPs sat down with us and revealed the inner workings of the (student) network („You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale!!“), and a Mugschnack gracefully ignoring all the questions of quantum physics.

Like that’s not enough to fill your hour of yay we’re also throwing in beach peached grunge  vibes from our LA gals Bleached, the original nightcall, and a track that’s so brand new it’s basically smouldering in Eldoradio until its official release in May.

Speaking of hot, we’ve got a little teaser for you sent to us from the rooftops of Vienna, Leyya’s Superego.

Tune in tonight at 7p.m. and kick all the way back to the vibes of many yays .





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