Saturday Night Yay

We are beyond stoked and insanely proud to announce that yay has been bumped up from monthly to a weekly event!

From October on Yay is on air every Saturday at 20:00 broadcasted on Oeins and the Oeins web radio.

Don’t freak out now tho if you’re already booked for every Saturday evening for the decade because our shows are still gonna be uploaded as podcasts and neatly conserved online for all times to come (well. till the end of the Internet that is. But honestly, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. We will find a way to bring you your favorite indie tunes even in the grimy post-apocalyptic ages of bottle-cap currencies and triangular overlords named Bill. Cross my heart.)

We’d like to use this occasion to thank you, whoever reads, smells (we don’t judge), or hears this here message all across our lovely blue planet and beyond. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to check up on us for whatever reasons you might have. Thank you for listening to our caffeinated music fan girling. There wouldn’t be a reason to yay without you. You’re awesome and we’re probably in love with you. drop us a line sometime and tell us about your favorite musicians, the best album 2016 or just something about yourself. We can’t know who you are. We’re not monitoring you. We’re not the Big Brother. Or are we.. *Insert schemeous cackle at your convenience*

Our final Wednesday show airs tomorrow September 21. at 19:00 on Oeins and the Oeins web radio.

Three cheers to you. Keep things beautiful and love one another (except for Bill. He knows what he did)



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