NYE’16 More Music Special

hallo moin
1. ‚Burn the Witch‘ by Radiohead
2. ‚Horizon‘ by Tycho
Song info: Tycho | NYE Special info: we’re playing all the songs you requested, all the songs that made 2016 special for you | Song Info: Yael Naim
3. ‚Walk Walk‘ by Yael Naim
4. ‚Girl‘ by The XX
5. ‚Sad Songs‘ by Sticky Fingers
Song info: The XX & Sticky Fingers | #yaysoretro | song info: Violent Soho
6. ‚Like Soda‘ by Violent Soho
7. ‚Help me lose my mind‘ by Disclosure
Song info: Disclosure | Social Media (basically vibesofyay or yay.radio or yay everywhere) and our amazing #yaymysong you guys had the most fun with | song info: Chet Faker
8. ‚Birthday Card‘ by Chet Faker ft. Markus Marr
9. ‚Bad Ideas‘ by Alle Farben
Song Info: Alle Farben | an amazing salad tale met with skepticism | song info: Allah-Las
10. ‚Busman’s Holiday‘ by Allah-Las
11. ‚This Girl ‚ by Kungs vs cooking on three burners
song info: Kungs | drink and cheers – up next: an appeal to our fav artist to publish new songs, albums, eps, something – anything really, we’d probably be quite happy with a novelty drink or a comic book –  in 2017 | song info: Ásgeir
12. ‚King and Cross‘ by Ásgeir
Yay says buh byeee and wishes ya’ll a very happy new year 2017!!!!
13. ‚Hello‘ by Adle



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