Magazine January ’17

HEY and HELLO – Jannika & Falk in the studio for you! 
1.‘My Boo‘ by Flume
2.‘501 Salute Remix‘ by Fortunes
Song Info: Fortunes | SoMed Info | Song Info: Local Natives
3.‘Dark Days‘ (Classixx Remix) by Local Natives
4.‘1985′ by Gurr
Song Info: Gurr & Spector
5.‘All the sad young men‘ by Spector
6.‘Song for the World‘ by Mittekill
7.‘City of Hope‘ by Stonedrifter
Song Info: Mittekill & Stonedrifter | Midshow: what’s up the next half hour | Song Info: Yalta Club
8.‘Of Mice and Men‘ by Yalta Club
9.‘Thinking Bout You‘ by Matthew E. White & Flo Morrisey
Song Info: Matthew E White & Flo Morrisey | BIGGIE B INTRO
BIGGIE B Interview Part 1
10.‘Hypnotize‘ by Notorious B.I.G.
BIGGIE B Interview Part 2 (NEWS!!!)
Yay Loves Biggie B | Song Info: Like A Motorcycle
11.‘The Great Escape‘ by Like a Motorcycle
12.‘Rinse Repeat‘ by Thrupence
Song Info: Thrupence | Yay Loves Australian Music | Yay is Primetime radio for your saturday night | SoMed Info | Buh Byes | Song Info: Alice Merton & Pelican Child
13.‘No Roots‘ by Alice Merton



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