NUKA YAY Backup Special

ok some context before you dive straight into listening to this:
the station asked us to provide a backup show some time back. You know, in case we don’t make it into the studio or pre-record something for you at some point. And that’s all fair and cool. But. Look. They didn’t specify the nature of the scenario that’d prevent us from doing our job. No indication at all. You know? All we’d get was a general whiff of ‚just in case‘. 

Our job, nay, mission (!) is to be there for you, every.single.saturday. and play you the best of the bests of all of the new musics (insert dramatic soundtrack at your convenience). What could possibly ever (EVER) get in the way of that? We hadn’t even considered the possibility of ever NOT being on air on a saturday…

So, long story short, the team sat down together and we had a think and a bit of a cry and came up with a plan.
Since we don’t know what the future holds (if you do drop us a line at or message us on any of the internets) we decided to simply cover every.single.possible.scenario. (sufficiently dramatic punctuation, yes?).

Yeah, we’re totally talking all out apocalypse here. Bunkers and end of times and bottlecap currencies and lizard people overlords (don’t check the news. You’ll be alright honey) and all.

So yeah, I guess in case you don’t know us that well or had any doubts about our mental stability, here it is, our NUKA YAY Backup Special.


Also: YAY is 1,5yrs old!!! This is how we celebrate people. This is the world we live in 🐼



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