Yay More Music March 2017


HALLO MOIN | Song info: Heaps Good Friends by YAY TEAM

Let’s Hug Longer by Heaps Good Friend

Saved by Khalid

Song Info: Khalid & Valerie June by Yay TEAM

Shakedown by Valerie June

No Roots by Alice Merton

Song Info: Alice Merton & Amy Shark by YaY TeaM

ADORE by Amy Shark

Rosedale House by Banfi

Song Info: Banfi & Phantom by yAy teAM

Empotence by Phantom

The Meadow by Dear Seattle

Song Info: Dear Seattle | first half recap | Follow us on the internets so that we can chat about stuff, life, and games to play on long car rides | second half precap (it’s a thing) | hot hot hot song info coming your way: TWO FEET (swoon?) by YAY teAM

Go Fuck Yourself by Two Feet

Queere Tiere by Sookee

Song info: Sookee & Tigercub by yAy tEAm

Control by Tigercub

Face it (feat Khazali) by Vuurwerk

Song info: Vuurwerk | fangirling and drum loving song info: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard by YaY TeAm

Nuclear Fusion by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

again Listen to King Gizzo and love them | End of ep recap | Last song info & pizza addiction confessions all around: Antilopen Gang (not actually their song Pizza) by yAy team

Fiasko by Antilopen Gang

Closer by Emma Jensen



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